Aid project in The Czech Republic

Helping Hands aid deliveries have been distributed to children’s homes located in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. Aid was also donated to an aid centre for socially disadvantaged and poor families in northern Slovakia.

The aid shipments consisting of clothes and shoes was received with gratitude at the various institutions. The supplies also reached an aid centre for socially disadvantaged families and single mothers in northern Slovakia.

The pictures portray some of those who partook of the aid shipments. The aid was much appreciated since many only have enough resources needed for the most necessary supplies. An 11-year-old boy at the aid centre in Slovakia exclaimed upon receiving the clothing; “Thank you for the nice clothes that me and my brothers got, now I think I’ll be the best dressed boy in the whole school!”

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to continue helping when the need is so great. A heart filled thank you goes out to all who have contributed and made all these relief efforts possible