- Balloon twisters for your events

Welcome to our Balloon Station

Your company can now invite professional balloon twisters to your advertising campaigns and events.

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Important Notice:

During the pandemic, our balloon entertainers moved on to other assignments, which resulted in suspension of all balloon activities. We earnestly hope these will be able to resume again.

For Companies and Individuals

Balloon twisters

We offer fun balloon figures for all ages where your customers and visitors themselves participate and decide which balloon characters to create. Balloon figures are very popular at events such as Jubilees, advertising campaigns and Children’s Day events organized for different companies and shopping centers. Maybe you are looking for activities for the children at your events. Or why not have balloon figures as a fun element in city and adventure parks? It will be a guaranteed unforgettable experience!

Company events

Your company can now order our professional balloon artists for any suitable events!

Park events

Balloon figure entertainment at Children’s Day events and in city and adventure parks.

Custom Balloon Exhibits for Companies and Shopping Centers

Balloon decorations

Below you will find a collection of photos from our previous exhibitions showing our unique balloon creations, custom made for the theme of a particular event. The organizers themselves decided what themes or characters they wanted. Surprised customers and visitors enjoyed the fabulous balloon world experience.

Balloon expos

Balloon exhibitions formerly created by us, consisting of a number of balloon figures, together forming a unique arrangement, inviting customers and visitors to take part in the fabulous balloon world experience.

Combination package

A combination of services where customers have been able to experience a thematic balloon world, as well as receive a smaller balloon figure made for them right there, in less than one minute’s time.

With consideration for the environment

Helping Hands uses only environmentally friendly balloons that are 100% made of natural latex instead of plastic. Latex balloons are biodegradable and break down as fast as an oak leaf in a garden. Natural latex is extracted from rubber trees without damaging the tree. Latex harvest prevents deforestation because latex producing trees are left intact. A tree can produce latex for up to 40 years.