Aid project in The Czech Republic

Helping Hands aid shipments have been distributed to 5 different orphanages and to an aid centre in the Czech Republic.

There was much joy when the aid shipments were received at the aid centre for socially disadvantaged and poor families and to 5 different orphanages located in the Bohemia region and the Zlin district in the Czech Republic.

The 5 orphanages house over 100 children and teenagers altogether. The following pictures portray the joy filled event as the aid shipments were received and how happy everyone was when they received their new clothes, shoes, rubber boots, toys and other supplies. The older children and teens chose for themselves what they needed from the aid.

According to the directors of the various institutions the support means a lot to them as the prevailing circumstances has made it difficult for many of the homes and thus the aid has helped to improve living conditions in the institutions as they often only have the means for the bare necessities.

A heart filled thank you goes out to all who have contributed and made these relief efforts possible.