Aid project in Hungary

Helping Hands aid shipment has been distributed to Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in Hungary, as well as to an aid centre for socially disadvantaged and poor families with children.

There was much joy when the aid shipment containing shoes and clothes of various sizes and other supplies were distributed to the Ukrainian refugees and to an aid centre in Central Hungary. The following pictures show a small selection of all the people receiving the aid and how glad they were when getting their new supplies.

The Ukrainian refugees were very grateful for the aid as they had to leave most of their belongings behind during their flight. One of the pictures portray a single Ukrainian mother with her two daughter’s who received new clothes and other necessities upon arrival in Hungary.

Another picture portrays a new-born baby born in Hungary shortly after fleeing from Ukraine. Both the mother and the new-born daughter received new clothes and other necessary supplies that they were in great need of. You can also see a young Ukrainian mother with her son together with the son’s grandmother who fled to Hungary together and how happy they were for their new clothes.

The rest of the pictures are from an aid centre for socially disadvantaged and poor families with children who received clothes from the aid shipment.

A heart filled thank you goes out to all who have contributed and made all these relief efforts possible.