Aid project in Hungary

Comprehensive and fun summer activities were organized for disadvantaged children and youth in Hungary.

Helping Hands co-sponsored a week long activity program in central Hungary, where children from various orphanages participated in the many fun and extensive activities that were organized. 

The activities included visits to museum including a museum village where they could attend various villages from the past and get a ride on an old-fashioned train. The activity program also included bob-sleigh racing, cinema visits, nature walks, fun tours to a Medieval Castle and a stay in an adventure park, water sports and other fun activities. The children also appreciated all the good meals and restaurant visits that were arranged during the week long activity program. 

Along with the fun activities they also received new clothes, backpacks and shoes from Helping Hands aid shipment donated by various businesses and individuals in Sweden. Part of the aid was also donated to poor families in central Hungary.

Thanks to all of you who helped to make these joyful events possible.