Aid project in Hungary

Helping Hands aid shipment reached a refugee camp in north-western Hungary.

The camp accommodates approximately 200 people, mainly from Syria and Africa, as well as people who have fled the war in eastern Ukraine.

No outsiders are allowed into the area but upon receiving permission from the staff at the refugee camp we then proceeded to distribute the aid outside the camp where the refugees came to receive their new clothes, shoes and other supplies.

There was great anticipation and joy as a steady stream of people came through the refugee camp gates and received their much needed aid as they had to leave most of their clothes and other possessions behind during their flight.

Some of the Syrian men in the photos above had arrived at the camp the day before and were very exhausted after having travelled and walked for several weeks. They were all surprised and grateful for their new warm jackets and other clothing donated by generous businesses and individuals in Sweden.

One of the Ukrainian women, also shown in the photos, got new jackets and clothing for herself and her children. She had fled with her children from war torn Ukraine after her sister had been shot. She now along with her children wishes for a new life and a new future in Hungary far away from the war and difficulties in Ukraine. A young woman from Somalia received a new jacket and warm clothes for herself and her son and thanked several times for the supplies.

All these people have gone through many hardships, but expressed their gratitude to have come to a safer country and for the opportunity to now begin to live under more normal circumstances.

Sincere thanks to all of you who so generously donated clothes, shoes and other supplies to help refugees and thereby made this joyful relief effort possible!