Aid project in Hungary

Helping Hands aid shipment reached a refugee camp in central Hungary.

Helping Hands aid shipment has been delivered to a refugee center in central Hungary that accommodates approximately 200 people, mainly from trouble spots such as Syria and Iraq and from different countries in Africa.

No outsiders are allowed into the area but upon receiving permission from the staff at the refugee center we then proceeded to distribute the aid outside the center.

As soon as people found out there were a clothes distribution outside the facility they literally run through the gates of the refugee center where they received warm clothes: jackets, shirts, jeans, shoes and other supplies from the aid shipment that they were in great need of.

The aid distribution worked very well and everyone was grateful for their new clothing donated by generous businesses and individuals in Sweden.

Sincere thanks to all of you who so generously gave clothes, shoes and other supplies to help refugees and thereby made this joyful relief effort possible!