Aid projects in Sweden

A joyful Christmas dinner for the needy in Stockholm was arranged during the Christmas week of 2016.

A large number of people visited this years Christmas dinner in Stockholm for the needy where everyone was treated to entertainment, camaraderie and to traditional Swedish Christmas dishes such as marinated, smoked and fresh baked salmon, herring, ham, grilled pork ribs, meatballs and small sausages. They were also served smoked trout and shrimp and various salads and sauces as side dishes.

We added different cuisines from around the world and included a variety of chicken-, lamb, and beef dishes as well as meat loaf, loin, gourmet grilled roast beef and plenty of cheese and pates, Spanish serrano ham and other cold cuts. Dessert was comprised of fresh baked saffron buns, snacks, cakes and other pastries.

All of the participants were able to eat to their hearts content and partook together of the joy and fellowship of Christmas. The food that was left over was then divided into grocery bags and distributed amongst the needy.

A big and heartfelt Thank You to everyone who assisted and thereby made this joyful Christmas dinner possible!