Aid projects in Sweden

Christmas food bags were distributed to people in need in Stockholm during December 2022.

It was with great joy that people in need in Stockholm received Christmas food bags from Helping Hands containing various kinds of salmon along with chicken drumsticks as well as Christmas ham, small sausages and several other delicious meat dishes. In addition the food bags contained eggs and various salads and sauces of several kinds.

The bags also contained saffron buns and other pastries, bread, sugar, nuts and snacks and many other goodies. Coffee packages, carbonated table water and soft drinks were also included.

Our distribution routine was similar to last year’s, where people in need picked up their grocery bags at a pre-ordered time. The volunteers packed the Christmas food bags and made sure the food was sufficient for everyone. It is gratifying to have the opportunity help people in these times of ever increasing need for aid.

A big and heartfelt Thank You to everyone who assisted and thereby made this joyful relief effort possible!