Balloon Expositions

Balloon exhibitions formerly created by us, consisting of a number of balloon figures, together forming a unique arrangement, inviting customers and visitors to take part in the fabulous balloon world experience.

Important Notice:

During the pandemic, our balloon entertainers moved on to other assignments, which resulted in suspension of all balloon activities. We earnestly hope these will be able to resume again.

Balloon Expositions

Our balloon exhibitions were a special and unforgettable experience. Many figures consisted of hundreds of balloons, every one of which contributed to a detailed and creative design that would amaze visitors of the event. The balloon figures were arranged in an accomplished display and together formed a fanciful balloon world, completely out of the ordinary.

We created complete balloon exhibitions, beginning with putting up stages, obtaining the accessories necessary, and concluded by creating spectacular balloon figures that collectively produced an impressive display, giving customers the opportunity of experiencing an original and amazing balloon world.

The organizers themselves decided what themes or characters they wanted. Examples of possible themes that have been considered are various fairy tale motifs, dinosaur or safari landscapes, science fiction motifs, individual balloon figures and large balloon redesigns of the organizers’ products.